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Soul Connection is the band that holds the single-show attendance record at the Knoxville Museum’s Alive After Five series. With emphasis on a rhythmic, soulful sound featuring dynamic vocals and dazzling horns, they never fail to fill the dance floor. The band is comprised of members who have extensive histories in the Knoxville and national music scene.

Evolved from the band, Soul Sanction, this nine-member group became one of East Tennessee’s favorite soul, blues and oldies bands. Over the years, they played mostly for private functions but also opened shows by Ray Charles, B. B. King, Bobby “Blue” Bland, and James Brown. At a special “Rename the Band Party” at Alive After Five in 2006, their name was changed to Soul Connection. With their combination of keyboard, bass, horns, guitar, and drums, blended with dynamic male and female vocals and harmonies, Soul Connection covers a wide musical spectrum of Rhythm & Blues, Soul, and dance music, all done with infectious energy and unmistakable style.