Marble City Shooters

Marble City Shooters recreates a time in the Southern city of Knoxville, Tennessee where people made for themselves. Where hard work and long hours for what you needed weren't just admired qualities, it was what everyone did. During the depression in the Southern city of Knoxville, the Marble City, things were much harder than they are today. But from this tough land, and mined by the hard people of our state, came precious Pink Marble from our local quarries. That same marble sits on the Lincoln Memorial in our nation's capital and gave Knoxville the name "Marble City". It's from similar circumstances that the band was born. In the modern South where biker bars dot the landscape like discarded beer bottles, depression-era jazz bands face a tough row to hoe. And after a few false starts trying to make it as a unit who couldn't even seem to meet up on a weekly basis, strong will and sheer determination finally brought together the core unit together with most of the jazz elite in Knoxville to form Marble City Shooters. With a firm grasp on the genre, the canon and the jazz credentials,the band performs for weddings, private parties, corporate events and discerning nightclubs in the Southern states of Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia.